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We provide affordable towing for a variety of customer needs. Whether it is a stranded motorist calling for roadside assistance, a vehicle illegally parked on private property that needs to be removed, or a vehicle blocking public or private egress, Whites Wrecker & Towing Service is the place to call.

We have a dedicated fleet of reliable tow trucks to fit all towing service needs. Our professional drivers are licensed, bonded, well trained, and highly experienced. We promise a minimally invasive and secure tow to the intended destination, all performed with prompt, courteous, and professional service.

Whether it is a blown alternator, a broken generator, a mechanical problem in the engine, or a problem with the drivetrain, we can deliver a stranded vehicle wherever it needs to go. We have our own skilled auto mechanics, but we know that our customers sometimes have special needs. Our facility is conveniently located next to dealerships, auto body repair shops, as well as other specialized mechanic shops.

Our own auto mechanics can diagnose and address a car’s problems, or we can store a car at our location while other arrangements are made. We can directly deliver a car to any repair facility or dealership in Memphis, TN. It is all up to the customer to decide. We can also provide knowledgeable referrals to specialized repair facilities if it is a problem our own mechanics cannot address.

Driving a damaged vehicle to a repair facility sometimes can seal its fate. If there is any question about whether a car is capable of operating under its own power in a safe way that will not compound existing damage, our towing service is the answer to the problem.

For reliable towing service, call Whites Wrecker & Towing Service. You'll be glad you did.

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