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Whether stranded on the roadside, in the driveway, on the curb, or at the mall, our dedicated auto mechanic service team is ready to assist. Whether it is a dead battery, a bad spark plug, a quick valve adjustment, or a blown gasket, Whites Wrecker & Towing Service's professional auto mechanic service can repair the problem and get the car back on the road.

If the problem is simple, we may be able to fix it without even a tow! But, if specialized tools or a lift so the mechanic can get under the car is in order, a tow will probably be required. Why pay to tow to another mechanic when Whites Wrecker & Towing Service has its own team of skilled mechanics who can get your car back in running shape.

Much of our business is dependent on customer referrals, so we take special care to make sure that all our auto mechanic services are performed to the highest standards and priced reasonably. We know that each new customer is an investment in our future, and for that investment to pay off, the customer must be satisfied with the quality of our work, the speed with which we get it done, and the reasonableness of what we charge.

We pride ourselves in our auto mechanics services to Memphis, TN residents. We know that the reliability and soundness of a car’s mechanics is important to the safety, income, and welfare of the family to which it belongs. That is why we never release a car as “ready to go” unless we are willing to put ourselves behind the wheel, secure in the knowledge that the car is safe to operate, and reliable to drive on the road. Call Whites Wrecker & Towing Service when you want peace of mind as you drive.

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